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  1. Happy New Year! Second Releases of 2019..SALE STILL ON...until midnight GMT

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    We just managed to sneak in a few new releases.

    A new Section 'SMALL ARMS' now contains rifles and smgs!

    Also new heads added!


    Happy New Year Everybody!

    As promised, the Sale continues until the start of next week! Also as promised the first of our new releases are now available:

    Our range of Afghanistan buildings printed in sand plastic are now available, if the range proves popular, we can make many more of these, so if you want more, get buying.

    Also we were offered a few 3D models of modern vehicles for trade, the models are very nice but also very resin heavy so are expensive and may be fragile. I have made them availble as they really are nice models. The tanker is HUGE!

    Keep checking back as we hope (no guarantee) to have a few more releases along different lines the following days.

  2. On the Work Bench Blog :8

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    We will probably get one more new release in before Christmas, this will be Hungarian riflemen, Soviet Speznatz/VDV and maybe a couple of Post Apoc road warrior types.

    We will also make a mould with new heads and dolls for the next moderns range: Modern Dutch.

    A quick apology to those who ordered 3d prints last week, they are taking longer tahn anticipated to get done.

    Keep checking back, and don't forget the postage dates.