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Hot out the molds!

More Foreign Fighter Chechens in the Insurgents range, LMGs, RPGs and a sniper! INS11,12 and 13.

Back to Iraq 2003-2007 with IBA12 US Army with M4 SOPMODs and an additional set IBA13 SAW figures.

Last of the TAL range for a while TAL32 Al Qaeda support weapons.

More civil organisation Survivors in our Zombie range SRV10 includes a pilot, generalist, medic and more! 

New Ambush Alley Battle Packs EF05 Taliban, EF06 Al Qaeda, EF07 Chechens! All at a discounted rate.

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  1. Ian

    looking for a figure to be an African generalissimo - in the style of Idi or the one from Nicolas cages gunrunner movie Reply- We will be working on our Africa ranges around Christmas time is everything works to schedule.

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