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» Listings for 2015

  1. Christmas day is over, however to continue the cheer, we have made available the new Skirmish Outbreak Rules for Zombie skirmish games...

    Thats is not all.... the following setsa re also a now available for pre order!

    REF17 Modern US Army Rangers with Greande Launchers

    BAN01 and BANkit  WW2 British Army

    INS14 - Insurgents leaders in shemaghs

    ALC06 - Cold War US in M1 helmets with LAWs

    RAES02- Societ driver in side cap

  2. As usual, we shut down over the holidays and relax for a little while :)

    In order to spread the good will, we run our Seasonal Sale, with lots of our stock sold off at discount rates!

    We won't be able to post these orders until after the 6th Jan 2016  when we return to work so please be patient as we catchup.


    Thanks to everyone for their support, lots more new and exciting product ranges planned for 2016!

  3. Lots and lots of new releases all in one!

    Photos are getting taken and uploaded as fast as possible, so check back if you need to see a photo before buying as they will be added.

    Also, we have dug out all of our old stock of SGMM and Fantassin maybe a few others that are still in their packaging that we will be adding up at a discounted price (once gone they are gone-no restocks), so check back over the next week to see what has been added.

    New Releases:

    Cold War: NATO: US

    PAS20 - US in PASGT helmets and armour kneeling firing SAW, M16M203 and LAW

    PAS21 - US in PASGT helmets and armour with M16A2 and SAW vehicle driver and passengers.

    ALC05 - US Army in M1 helmets and ALICE webbing armed with M16A1 in NCO poses.

    ALC06 - US Army in M1 helmets and ALICE webbing M60 GPMG teams. 2x M60 gunners 2x Assistants

    Cold War: NATO: BAOR

    BAOR12B - British Police/RUC/MP etc in patrol poses with SLR

    BAOR22 - British Police/RUC/MP etc driver

    BAOR23 - British Army patrol with Bren L7

    BAOR24 - British Army Dog Patrol

    CIVILLIAN/Zombie Surviours/Insurgents/Criminals:

    SRV15 - Two men armed with shotguns

    SRV16 - Man and woman armed with pistols

    SRV17 - Secret Agent/Hero type man and woman armed with SMGs

    SRV18 - US Civilian style male insurgents armed with M16s


    RUS07 - Pro Russian Milita/Russian SF armed with AK74SU carbines

    RUS08 - Pro Russian Milita/Russian SF armed with RPG7

    RUS09 - Pro Russian Milita/Russian SF armed with AK74

    RUS10 - Pro Russian Milita/Russian SF armed with PKM and Gp30

    RUS11 - Pro Russian Milita/Russian SF armed with SVD



    WWL01 - SS in smocks armed with STG44

    LTD20 - Test SS man in M42 smock with STG44


    RAES01 - Early war Soviet driver in Adrian helmet.


    SFT01 - Sci Fi Doors random designed by Gunbird

    32mm VICTORIAN/Steampunk:

    LTD19 - 1 x 32mm tall miniature with a choice of weapons


    GUN34 - M60 on tripod

    GUN35 - Chinese Red Arrow ATGM

    GUN36 - UK GPMG SF

  4. We have a new range of Early Cold War British (ECB) which has post WW2 British Army equipped with SLRs, Sterlings and Bazookas just released.

    Wartime Miniatures has (at last) been updated and new releases added. 

    The Skirmish Sangin Core Rule Miniature sets has now been drawn up and listed, so if you fancy getting a set of the rules and picking a sample force as listed in the Core Rules it is now easy to do! British, French, US Army, USMC, US Rangers, SF teams and Taliban are listed. As time permits, we will do the same for the other books.

    Whats on the workbench? Well, we have a more Cold War sets coming, a mix of NATO and WARPAC, more modern Russians and their Allies and a few other sets....