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New Releases: March 2019

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The New Release page has had a clear out so only new stuff is now to be seen.

This months releases :

WW2: Hungary: HUN10A- Guncrew plus HUNextra and HUN01A get an extra rifleman. More Hungarians to be added soon.

Post Apoc: DF13-Driven in crash helmet, DF14 Angry Maxes, DF15- Bride

Western Insurgents/Operators/CIA/Deniable Ops types...lots added SRV25 on...

Irish UN head swap 

Soviet Cold War Spetsnaz/VDV SPZ02 and 03. This range was going to be held until it is more fleshed out, due to requests, it is released early.

Small Arms: Lots of new ones.

In addition, we have aquired the rights to print and sell all of Eskise Miniatures 3D terrain. From, modern, medieval to sci fi. There are alot of files so please check back as we work our way through them. In the mean time check out some of the models here:

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