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Reopening! 21st April.

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Our issues with Paypal are ongoing, however due to the 3D sales payments we are in a position to reopen now.

However, there are changes.

The front page seems to be broken and will have to be remade (I cant edit at present).

Elhiem is now run as a part time venture. This means I only work some evenings and weekends.

Costs have risen so high that prices have had to go up again (sorry, but, in order to keep Elhiem going it has to happen).

I can no longer offer subsidised postage, so post in now going to reflect the real cost to Elhiem. 

Wait times will have to increase as the only time I will get to sort orders is the weekend. This means waiting times of a couple of months may be necessary.

No more SALEs. Another big one. The truth is although sales increased during a sale, any profits were negligble. All that happens was I increased my work load alot. I may work on cheaper bulk packs of loose figures that are easy to make or even a 'munition' style figure that is produced in bulk and then specialist figs at normal price.

I am aware I will probably loose customers due to this move but, at this point thats not even a concern. At the moment, all that I want is to continue Elhiem and still make the models available. I just need it to self finance itself and if possible turn a profit.

Thanks for all the support out there, you guys have been very kind :)




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  1. Mat

    Glad to see that you're back in action, even if it's only part time.

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