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New Releases 27th May

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We have a fair few Special Forces released today stretching from the Cold War all the way to modern battlefields.

Force on Force : Cold War Battle Packs CWGH23 Winter SAS

New Cold War SAS in winter kit. Codes UKSF

New Modern US Army Rangers REF

New KIT packs 

All now available!

Please use the search function with key words on our site to find what you are looking for.

Three new packs of Cold War SAS in winter clothing just added. These can be used from the 1980's all the way to modern day.
UKSF02 - SAS with M16's and M4 carbines with LAW72s.
UKSF03 - SAS with MP5SD's, M79 and GPMG
UKSF04 - SAS with Stinger and RTO

Ultra Modern US Rangers (can be used as most modern SF units as well) in specialised uniforms a mix of helmets/NVGs.

REF10 - US Ranger NCO's
REF11 - US Ranger with Mk48 and Block 2 M4s skirmishing kneeling
REF12 - US Ranger dog handler and dog
REF13 - US Ranger Commander and RTO

Large British Bergen ruck sacks with and without sleep kit are also now available. Picture shows a Bergen with sleep kit on the back of one of our new SAS. 
These are great for the BAOR range as well as many other nationalities and SF teams who tend to carry lots of kit!

KIT19 - Large Bergens
KIT20 - Large Bergens with sleep kit

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