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Temporary Closure 6/4/24

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Bad News.
As of 6th April 2024 we are closing Elhiem shop TEMPORARILY. It will reopen when the below is resolved. Unfortunately we are in the hands of the iternation shipping and customs.
We have a Paypal dispute going on for a big order due to our slow service (very big order) it is posted and enroute.
Paypal have effectively removed the money in dispute from our account effectively removing all of our working capital and put us in to huge debt.
This is not the customers fault, its a lot of money and it has taken a long time to pick it.
Elhiem is not in financial trouble, it is just in a  very unpleasant situation where we have done the work and are waiting on payment.
The reality is though, we can no longer operate until the money is released. We used up the last of our metal making the order and cannot buy more. We cannot refund any orders as we are called as in debt. Even if we had our usual level of orders it would take weeks to clear the paypal debt. Which is why we cannot also just move money to clear the debt until it is cleared (yes it is that big of a debt). We cannot even post out any existing orders as we are over drawn.
However, we will get any outstanding orders completed :) I have trays of castings that I will melt down to complete these and pay out of my own pocket to cover postage.
Hopefully this will be resolved  quickly as we have new releases in the molds!

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