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June 2019 New Stuff!

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New Releases:

VMUS07e – Evening 2001 Post Nuclear 4x4 vehicle

SRV35 – Evening 2001 post nuclear Nato set.

SRV36 – Henchmen in berets

NVA01 – North Vietnamese Army Advance

NVA02 – North Vietnamese Army Skirmish

VCiv01 – Vietnamese Male Peasants

KIT31- NATO Ammo crates

ESKA01 – Comfy Chair

ESKA02 – Sofa

ESKA03 – Aircon

ESKA04- Concrete Barrier

ESKA05 – Chunky Tyre

ESKA06 – Fire Extinguisher

AMCX01 to 04 various versions of a Sniper Rifle.

X6 – Budget M978a4 fuel tanker

X7 – Budget M923 Medium truck

X8- Budget M923 truck with cover.

X9- Budget M1080 truck

VCV07B – Trailer for ATV quad bike. Empty version.

We will start adding more Eskise products up this month (buildings, barricades, battlefield scenery etc)

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