Painting Guides

Painting Guides

All guides were developed and are copyright 2004 - 2008 by Matt Hingley. Please distribute freely and credit the author. Older Guides are available at the bottom of the page. New Guides will be available soon.

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1. French Lizard camo. Used in Algeria and Indochina.

2. Multicam

3. US Desert 3 tone BDU

4. US ACU (see also the links to visual guides below)

5. UK Desert DPM

6. USMC Desert digital

7. SS Camo the easy way

Link to PDF how to paint Waffen SS Oak the easy way

Link to PDF how to paint US Paratroopers

Link to PDF how to paint SS Oak

Link to PDF how to paint British Paratroopers

Link to PDF my paint guides as a PDF

Link to PDF how to paint German Splinter camo


Link to Painting US ACU/UCP Good standard (visual guide)

Link to QUICK painting US ACU/UCP (Link to Facebook- file is too large for here)

Link to QUICK painting MULTICAM (Link via Facebook due to file size)

 Simple BASING


1. French Lizard camo. Used in Algeria and Indochina.

Paint he base colour of the uniform Vallejo 978 Dark Yellow mixed with V. 331 Hi Light Italian Tanker

Paint stripes left and right and up and down with V. Luftwaffe Cam. Green

Paint stripes left and right up and down with V. 984 Flatbrown mixed with V.981 Orange Brown.


2. Multicam (Used by Special forces since 2005, US Army 2011, British Army 2010)

Paint the uniform with a mix of V. Green Brown 879 and V. Iraqi Sand 819 (Mix A)

Then using Mix A, add V. 330 Highlight Russian Tanker and paint large blobs over the Mix A.

Next, take Mix A and add V. 825 German Cam Pale Brown and paint new blobs. Be sure to leave all 3 colours on show.

Using a finer brush paint squiggle shapes all over the uniform using V.812 Leather Brown

Then half paint these squiggles with a mix of Foundry Phlegm green C and V. Iraq Sand

Then paint the very edge of these squiggles V. Splinter green

Use a fine brsh dot irregularly over this mess with V. Olive Drab and V. Pale Sand


3. US Desert 3 Tone BDU (used during the Iraq and Afghan invasion and for a few yeasr before the switch to ACU)

Paint the uniform V. 847 Dark Sand

Mix V. US Dark Green intot he Dark Sand and apply broad horizontal stripes.

Mix V. Flat Earth into the Dark Sand and edge the one side of the green stripe


4. US ACU (Grey Digital)

Paint the uniform v. 315 Light Mud

Dot in irregular zig zags a mix of V.315 and V.866 Grey Green

Add another layer of teh same mix but darker if you want.


5. UK Desert DPM

Paint the uniform Iraqi Sand

Now if you are painting the early version of Desert DPM use V. Flat Earth mixed 50/50 with V. New Wood and apply curling swathes all over.

If you want the later colour, paint the swathes with V. Flat Earth mixed with Iraq Sand.


6. USMC Desert Colours

Paint the webbing v. Khaki Grey

Paint the uniform v. Pale Sand

Wash the uniform with a brown ink or if you want to paint the digital pattern, pick a pale browna nd mix it till very pale with V. Pale Sand and apply irregular dots.


7.Painting Waffen SS Oak Camo - The easy Guide © 2008

Suggested colours:
Smock base colour Vallejo Violet Brown
Dark Base: Vallejo Black Green
Bright Green: German Cam. Bright Green