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  1. On the Work Bench Blog :8

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    We will probably get one more new release in before Christmas, this will be Hungarian riflemen, Soviet Speznatz/VDV and maybe a couple of Post Apoc road warrior types.

    We will also make a mould with new heads and dolls for the next moderns range: Modern Dutch.

    A quick apology to those who ordered 3d prints last week, they are taking longer tahn anticipated to get done.

    Keep checking back, and don't forget the postage dates. 

  2. On the Work Bench Blog :7

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    Ok, we missed our second release for October.

    The good news is; the November release will be a BIG one!

    The Post Apoc, Gasland gangs are almost done, Hungarian first sets are also done, Irish UN force done, Rusian SF support weapons, WEREWOLVES (a late Haloween idea) done and a few others.

    We also took a full day out itemising all of our small arm models and where they are located in moulds, after many requests for rifles and other small arms from you guys to see how feasable the idea is. Well, just itemising them took 12 hours. Which means if we did start to sell them it will probably take weeks of uploading and photos and the sale price would be 20p a weapon at this stage. So at the moment its a ...maybe.

    Check back soon, alot is going on.

  3. On the Work Bench Blog :5

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    It may seem quiet, behind the scenes there is alot going on.

    The work bench is full of masters in various stages of completion, we want to get at a good mix of minis made ready for the next wave of releases.

    A new camera is also now in the arsenal so hopefully some better photos in future!

    As usual, more suggestions flood our request pages and also emails. While we try to make as mucha s we can, please be aware that alot of suggestions will not be made for a looong time. When possible we try and get some that we already have the componant parts made for kit bashed fairly fast (such as extention on the Russian Special Forces).


    Keep checking back !