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» Listings for 2021

  1. We have new Cold War Polish (circa 1980's) in the padded winter jacket released!

    The last few sets of phase one will be release in January with luck.

    2021 has ended with a few non work related problems for us, so I appolagise for the lack of Christmas cheer this year. Hopefully things will improve and we can get on back to normal though :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. As of the 23rd November, we have taken the difficult decision to close our shop for the following reasons:

    We just went to restock our metal and have discovered our main metal (TIN) has globally skyrocketed in price. As we have almost no metal instock this means that our resupply is going to mean a price increase and probably the first of many as you can see by the graph linked below we have been absorbing costs for some time now:

    We use high quality leadfree (or as lead free as it can be) pewter. So our raw material costs are very high.

    Despite the Covid restrictions we have continued to be busy and curently have a number of orders outstanding, these will be fulfilled first  at the price paid by you. New orders will be allowed once the price increase has been applied. We are very sorry about this, it is beyond our control and a discusion was had whether to simply shut up shop for a few months and hope prices drop. We decided  to stay open and pass costs on and let you decide if the price is too high.

    As it is our suppliers are having problems securing metal so supply is limited and will be monitored.

    If we cannot get the raw material in the future or prices continue to rise we will examine our options which will include more price rises or restricting sales. :(

    Hopefully the websop will be back on in 24 hours.