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» Listings for 2016

  1. New Releases for mid October!
    SSL07 - 4 Waffen SS
    The two LTD are in a competition with each other to see what is more popular :P
    LTD24 - Panzer commander 1/2 figure
    GUN39 - Dragon ATGM (stowed)
    and HED20 to 35 which is a big mix of WW2, modern, cold war, civilian heads plus a few special bits such as a 28mm Sci Fi head and other stuff.
    ALSO - A Halloween Horror Sale!

  2. A mix of WW2 and Scifi this time. As aways if you cannot find the section the figures are in, use the search function with code numbers or key words.

    WW2: Late war Waffen SS :

    SSL03- NCO

    SSL04 - Riflemen

    SSL05 - MG team standing

    SSL06 - MG team prone

    LTD23 - WW2 Winter Sentry

    WW2: Far East: USA

    USP01 - Early US riflemen


    FCCN02: National Infantry armed with Mobile Rapid Fire Auto Cannons


    More to come, so keep checking back !

  3. Lots of new releases to tempt you all !

    Modern Warfare: CAN02 -06 Modern Canadians or Danish infantry expanded

    COLD WAR: NATO: BAOR 28-30 British troops in berets in patrol poses.

    Alternate Heads: HED16 - Baseball cap HED17 - Boonie

    New Section added: MIKES TERRAIN starting with two sets of laser cut walls MT01 and MT02

    WARTIME restocked and selling out fast!