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February 2020 Releases PART 2

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24/02/2020: Just Released:

NAT23-25 Canadian NATO troops for the cold war

BAOR kneeling with SLRs

Small Arms: Mp40 and Mp38

Also, the Kurdish YPG sets which are the first of our Vote/Funds to be completed!


The New Release page is now updated with only brand new stuff (and two new painted pictures of older sets). 

Our ranges continue to grow and the Vote/Fund system looks like it is a success. Take alook and see what is coming soom thanks to all those people funding the future ranges!

Out today: YPG Kurds, US Marines with grenade launchers Post Apoc raiders, shotguns and WW2 Senegalese!

Lots more on the work bench, you are keeping us very busy with orders and painting as well, so we apologise at some of the delays (contact us if you are concerned).

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