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April New Releases!

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We did a subtle release last month, so if you missed it we will list all of the last months releases after this months!

In no particular order (use the search function to find them if you are finding it hard):

NAT11 - 3x Generic Nato FN MAG gunners (GPMG)

OSP15 - Metal detector

IOT15 - Metal Detector

MCA20 -Metal detector

KIT23 - Soviet RD54 pack

SF26 - Modern SF with LMGs

RSF01 - Russian SF in western kit

SSL16 - Late War Waffen SS RTO and Observers

 Last Months releases:

ZLT01 - WW2 German MG team moving in Zeltbahn

SSE02 - 3 SS Riflemen

SSL15 - Mortar man 2

M3605 - WW2 German Army Advancing

M3606 - WW2 German Armg MG34 tripod team firing

CAN07 - Modern Danish Army

CWR26 - Soviet Submarine Commander

MOD01 - modular leg set

P42 - Fascist leader

PLUS- WE HAVE A HUGE ORDER ARRIVE from FORCE20 to sort through and upload!

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