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Elhiem Figures -Changes that need to happen.

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The following is not connected to the Temporary Closure. It was planned before that happened.
The Future of
Due to rising costs in production and shipping (high prices and lots and lots of time filling out forms). Changes in Paypal practices (removing funds while disputes are dragging on). I have had to make the sad conclusion Elhiem can no longer operate as my primary income as it has for years.
I ran a couple ofd sales since December and while they were hugely successful, the runing costs compared to sale price ended up only being marginaly benificial. If you count the hours of extra work getting orders picked and the time spent in post offices, it really wasnt sustainable :(
Its alot of work to run Elhiem and the profits are no longer able to sustain the effort.
I have accepted a full time job elsewhere and Elhiem will return to a part time hobby status for the foreseeable future.
Elhiem will continue to run and have ranges added, however the slow turn around of orders will probably get worse until I can balance the work.
One possible idea is to raise prices to their current day realistic level and true post costs, another is to only open for sales at weekends. Another is to only sell 3d models for a while. Maybe, maybe not. I'll try and keep prices down and will review the work / profit for the next few months.
I just thought you guys should know what's going on.
I would like to thank everyone for their support and purchases and the last 2 months sales (and talking to other figure company's I'm not alone,) I know everyone is feeling the pinch as inflation is crippling us all.
Hopefully, things improve soon.
New stuff is still worked on and will be released, Im about to release quite a few figures hopefully tomorrow,

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  1. Graham Rollins

    Good luck in the new job, Matt. And I hope Elhiem Figures can continue for many years to come. I try to buy as much of your stuff as I can manage!

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  2. Ian Swann

    Great figures, Especially BAOR. Hope things work out.

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