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  1. New SCI FI ranges and Sir Porky now added and an update!

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    I missed a fantasy Pig Knight sent to us by Sprue Goblin Games! Now corrected.

    The SCIFI sets are K Kraft (formerly at Lancer Miniatures) two factions of future troopers that fit in nicely with our existing ranges.

    The orders have kept us very busy the last few months, that has slowed new production down a little. However, there is progress on the Modern Russian Support VOTE with at least 60% now done.

    The next sets to be updated will the the Iran and Iraq ranges as well as the US medic WW2. Maybe a couple of side projects to keep us interested.

  2. New Releases 2023 December and our Seasonal SALE!

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    Merry Christmas!

     Squeezing one last set of new releases of 2023:

    UKSF09 and 10 SRR agents (another vote done!

    The miscast Cave Girl is now fixed and is available as SIM04

    US Army 1942 -1945 PAR (Parson jacket) sets 1 t0 4 done!

    Over the Christmas Holidays we close down and take a break. As usual we will run our Christmas SALE!

    No Orders taken after today, 24th December, will be posted out until January 2024

    Orders still not posted will be posted out before January (we are very sorry if this is you, we have been overwhelmed with your orders but, promise yours are ready to go, just didn't make it in time).