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June Releases part 2!

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New Releases by shop area:


The FCC get some much needed support with:

Scion – Federal Troopers FCCT02 and FCCT03


Making a slight return to the Pulp Horror ranges with :

Pulp- P41 Dr Goldfoot and his undead witch


Expanding the VC with:

Vietnam – Communists VC02 to 04 AK47, SKS and M1 carbines


Lots of new sets:

Taliban: TAL28 T1 RPK LMGs, TAL29 Specials, TAL30 G3 Rifles, TAL31 Casualties

Insurgents – INS09 – Chechen/foreign fighters bosses, INS10 – Chechen AKMs

US Army MOP08 and 09 Full NBC suits with Gasmasks worn.

ISAF – CAN01 Modern Canadians

Russia – RUS01 Modern Russians

Happy shopping!

In other news; we have almost finished the Taliban Foriegn Fighters which means Modern Australians are all that is left to finish off the Ambush Alley : Enduring Freedom game book. It has been a mamouth task with hundreds of figures sculpted. We will continue to add ranges to expand the Afghan conflict even when we have finished Enduring Freedoms required lists, so please keep checking or message us with ideas!

As we complete the Enduring Freedom book, we will be moving on to the Ambush Valley (Vietnam) and Cold War Gone Hot supplements which we will be working on simultainiously as well as adding some long over due modern ranges such as SAS, KSK etc

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