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Feb 2016 Releases

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The following sets are now available:

Modern: Special Forces:

SF23 Specialist Recce troops in assault vests armed with P90's. 1x female 3x male (one using a data pad)

SF24 Specialist Recce troops in assault vests and helmets armed with Mp5 and M4M203

Limited Release:

LTD21 A Sci Fi Cosplayer with bald head, P90, assault vest and odd spear.

Cold War: NATO

NAT10 - Generic NATO crewed weapon figures to use around ATG, Arty, MMG etc

WW2 - AXIS - Waffen SS

SSL01B - Same poses as SSL01A with helmet covers

SSL02A - SS in M40 smocks, plain helmets and Stg44 skirmish poses

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