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    A very short lived sale is on till Saturday night (24th)

    Also just released 3 new Civilian cars for the 1970's and 80's

    Last postage for Christmas post now up on the main page.

    UK: 15th December

    EU: 10th December

    Australia/NZ/China: 1st December

    USA and Rest of the World: 10th December

    No Guarantee can be made that orders placed will arrive before Christmas day, we are at the mercy of the post!

  2. November Releases (its BIG!) UPDATED!

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    Additional releases:

    LTD29 Santa and Elves Operate

    BAOR33 Milan team in Berets

    INS26 Shemaghs skirmish kneeling

    SF30 SF Vehiclegunners

    SPC02 Modern USMC marksmen

    Bw11 HQ B

    BW12 Stinger

    BW13 81mm

    BW14 120mm

    BW15 gun crews

    Rather than hold off for even more to be done, the following is now available!

    Irish UN force take cover behind Ford Mk6

    The Post Apocalyptic battlegrounds get their first batches of gangs!

    The Hungarians get their first (modest) release.

    The Irish UN Congo force are released with an Armoured Car

    The NATO and West germans get expanded.

    Werewolves are loose in the Pulp section.

    More Cops and SRV.

    Russian Modern Special Forces and the Modern Russians get updates.

    DF02 – 10x Mixed bald warriors

    DF03 – 10x Mixed Punk warriors

    DF04- 10x Mixed Wasteland Warriors

    DF05-12 Vehicle crews

    DFMIX Budget figs

    P43 – 3 Werewolves

    P44- 3 Nazi werewolves

    RSF05 RPK

    RSF06 RPGs

    RSF07 GP30

    RUS15 Marksmen

    SRV24 Uzis

    COP10 -Female Agents with M4

    INS25 Insurgent gun crews in shemagh

    NAT12 120mm mortar man

    NAT13 81mm mortar crew man

    NAT14 Stinger

    NAT15 HQ

    NAT16 NCOs with M45

    BW10 West German HQ

    UNI01 Irish HQ

    UNI02 FAL rifles M1

    UNI03 FAL and M45

    UNI04 Vickers gun and crew

    UNI05 Bren team prone

    UNI06 Bren gunner walking

    UNI07 Carl Gustav rocket

    VMW08 Ford MkVI

    HUN05a 43m

    HUN06a 31m

    HUN08a Panzerfaust

  3. New Release October Part 1

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    Elhiem October release 1

    BEFTEST2 British Army (WW2) Early war. Same figure as before just with no Gas kit and no back pack.

    IBA17 – USMC (Fullujah) with M203

    IBA18 – USMC NCO with M21

    PLA09 – Chinese with Type 81

    INS20 – Gun crews

    INS21 – RPG (bare head)

    INS22 – Ak skirmish shemagh

    INS23 – AK Skirmish A

    Ins24 – AK Skirmish B

    BWG03 – Female Operators with Armalites and body armour

  4. September releases Part1: Post Apoc, Insurgents, Strykers, Palace Guard etc

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    Update 10th Sept: IDF08 now released. FCCS02 photo added

    A quick message to tell you lots of new releases now available (see the All New section) including Strykers, USMC, Sci Fi, Gasland modifications parts.

    Last month on Facebook we asked you (well, those on FB anyway) for ideas for our next range. The top 10 requests were then voted on and Gaslands/Mad Max/Post Apoc won, followed by WW2 Hungarians. Both of these projects are underway now with Phase one of the Post Apoc ranges now up. Next on the list are the first of the PA factions in miniatures.