Gallery of our Painting service

This page is a work in progress.

When you choose one of the 'Paint Miniature' options, we will begin work on bringing your miniatures to life.

Our painter is the same person who sculpts for Elhiem and has many years of experience in painting miniatures and has painted for display many other companys model figures over the years.

This is a slow process, hopefully it is one that is worth it! 

This page is to showcase the work we do for some of our customers and will hopefull give you some idea of what to expect if you do order some of our miniatures pre-painted.


Multicam Special Forces

The customer specified no basing. We painted them in Multicam as it seems most SF wear it these days.

  • sf pre2
  • sfmulti
  • sf22
  • rto
  • 73182458_3224318900942694_1436773823025250304_o
  • 73364209_3224319700942614_8759295529122267136_o
  • 73074811_3224319300942654_5206152742514458624_o
  • 72475794_3224319044276013_7364796652579717120_o
  • 73053373_3224319857609265_5180652022734520320_o
  • 72448332_3224319420942642_4540638506208198656_o

Police and Federal Agents

This painting commission wanted police to be the theme. These are not the best photos. We have a better camera now.


Gaming Standard

Our budget gaming standard paint job is realatively quick to paint and is also varnished (matte). The error in the casting was corrected before posting. The colour schemes used here are available on our Facebook page. The majority are painted in Fast multicam (basic colour scheme with no added details suck as dark and pale squiggles and dots) and the grey US Army digital.