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» Listings for 2022

  1. Christmas and New Year Sale!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To help spread the cheer and help sales dduring our holiday shut down our Sale is now live!

    Over the Holidays the postal service gets a bit hectic and lots of packets get lost. So we here at Elhiem close up shop over the holidays and reopen on Jan 2nd.

    This means NO ORDERS will be posted until the new year once the sale has started.

    However, it does mean that everything in the shop will be discounted (unless we missed it)

    3d files are not on sale because its hosted by a 3rdd party.

    So, have fun over the holiday and see you all next year !

    Matt at Elhiem

  2. Cold War French. Going for a mid 1980's look so F1 Famas everywhere!

    The CWF were a Vote/Fund option paid up in 2020 (shows how slow the process can be) and the origional list was as follows:

    Phase 1 will consist of:  

    5x Patrol Poses

    5x Combat Poses

    4x HQ 

    3x MMG team and MMG

    3x Mortar and crew

    A small selection of new heads and a new FAMAS

    Special Figure: Soldier in soft hat

    Unlocking Phase 2: Vehicle crews and support stuff

    However, I am changing this to a more realistic and useful :

    8 or 10 Riflemen

    A command squad

    Rocket sets (antitank)


    GPMG team

    and NCOs

  3. IS04 ISIS Support weapons, rounds off the IS range for now.

    LAH01 Early Waffen ss NCOs with SMGs added.

    A new painter is bringing our miniatures to life, Francesco Junior Arcieri, his facebook page is

    I noticed the link page is out of date, so I also added the very talented who designed our Fantasy range for us.

    Next project currently in design stage is Cold War French (Vote funded)