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  1. It may seem quiet, behind the scenes there is alot going on.

    The work bench is full of masters in various stages of completion, we want to get at a good mix of minis made ready for the next wave of releases.

    A new camera is also now in the arsenal so hopefully some better photos in future!

    As usual, more suggestions flood our request pages and also emails. While we try to make as mucha s we can, please be aware that alot of suggestions will not be made for a looong time. When possible we try and get some that we already have the componant parts made for kit bashed fairly fast (such as extention on the Russian Special Forces).


    Keep checking back !

  2. Elhiem October release 1

    BEFTEST2 British Army (WW2) Early war. Same figure as before just with no Gas kit and no back pack.

    IBA17 – USMC (Fullujah) with M203

    IBA18 – USMC NCO with M21

    PLA09 – Chinese with Type 81

    INS20 – Gun crews

    INS21 – RPG (bare head)

    INS22 – Ak skirmish shemagh

    INS23 – AK Skirmish A

    Ins24 – AK Skirmish B

    BWG03 – Female Operators with Armalites and body armour

  3. Today the moulds got made for the next releases and they all worked.

    As the miniatures in these are the older projects finalising, there is no Post Apoc or Hungarians in this batch (see previous blog update for info on these). What is in this batch is more insurgents (lots  of them) and USMC for Fullujah. We also managed to finish off the Modern Chinese pack and the Female operators! The figures have been primed and await drying to take photos.

    On the work bench itself, the first of the PA wastelanders are shaping up, Hungarians are getting sketched up and the commissioned works of the Irish UN force and West Germans are in progress. In addition another Commission has now got the green light : Modern Dutch. These have had  the initial prep work started and may have brand new weapons made after I review the existing ones.

  4. Elhiem – On the work bench.

    A quick update on the mould a mould that was made this week. Lots and lots of new guns and Post Apoc weapons (a Laser Rifle, slug rifle and pistols, spears etc) a lot of realistic scaled 1/72 female dollies. These have come out very slim and spindly (think Priesser type). We will examine if these are any use at all for the Post Apoc ranges, if not we will use our regular curvier dolls for the female warriors.

    The Mk2 Hungarian weapons have all come out well, so we will look at getting the first batches done asap.

    There were a few bits and bobs for private commissions which also have come out very nice.

    We almost have enough ready for a miniature mould, just working on a few more insurgents and the mould and next releases will go live.

    Meanwhile, end of month accounts need doing and also time to paint.