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  1.  I lied. Just time for a quick update:

    A new GPK heavy turret with Mk19 grenade launcher added after a request.

    A MATV with GPK heavy turret added after request.

    The DF warriors are now available in their own specific figure sets, so you can buy the miniatures you want or a cheap army builder pack and take pot luck.

    Last ones for July

    Gun41- 75mm Recoiless rifle

    NVA15-17 NVA Sappers

    CWB05-06 British with EM2

    Additional Releases:

    RFVC01-02 VC army deals

    RFNVA01-02 NVA army deals

    ESK07 -13 Printed Barricades 

    Continuing the Vietnam theme we have the following releases:

    NVA06 - RPD 

    NVA07 RPGs

    NVA08 Spotters

    NVA09 HQ

    NVA10 Generic gun crews

    NVA11 HMG gunner

    NVa12 Medic

    NVA13 Mortar gunner

    NVA14 Recoiless gunner

    VCIV03 - Pregnant peasant

    Modern Releases:

    RNA08 Modern Dutch Army with Spupport weapons. The Spike missile is miscast :(

    RNA09 Dutch Casualty

    Cold War:

    BAOR34 British is 'crap hats' relaxing having a brew. 

  2. New Releases:

    VMUS07e – Evening 2001 Post Nuclear 4x4 vehicle

    SRV35 – Evening 2001 post nuclear Nato set.

    SRV36 – Henchmen in berets

    NVA01 – North Vietnamese Army Advance

    NVA02 – North Vietnamese Army Skirmish

    VCiv01 – Vietnamese Male Peasants

    KIT31- NATO Ammo crates

    ESKA01 – Comfy Chair

    ESKA02 – Sofa

    ESKA03 – Aircon

    ESKA04- Concrete Barrier

    ESKA05 – Chunky Tyre

    ESKA06 – Fire Extinguisher

    AMCX01 to 04 various versions of a Sniper Rifle.

    X6 – Budget M978a4 fuel tanker

    X7 – Budget M923 Medium truck

    X8- Budget M923 truck with cover.

    X9- Budget M1080 truck

    VCV07B – Trailer for ATV quad bike. Empty version.

    We will start adding more Eskise products up this month (buildings, barricades, battlefield scenery etc)

  3. We have just added free shipping for orders over 300g in the UK and 500g everywhere else. No idea what that works out as value per order wise until orders start, so the best way to check is to check your basket for the current postage rate.

    This will be an experiment to see if this will pay for itself...if not we go back to full payment :(