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  1. New Releases:

    VMUS07e – Evening 2001 Post Nuclear 4x4 vehicle

    SRV35 – Evening 2001 post nuclear Nato set.

    SRV36 – Henchmen in berets

    NVA01 – North Vietnamese Army Advance

    NVA02 – North Vietnamese Army Skirmish

    VCiv01 – Vietnamese Male Peasants

    KIT31- NATO Ammo crates

    ESKA01 – Comfy Chair

    ESKA02 – Sofa

    ESKA03 – Aircon

    ESKA04- Concrete Barrier

    ESKA05 – Chunky Tyre

    ESKA06 – Fire Extinguisher

    AMCX01 to 04 various versions of a Sniper Rifle.

    X6 – Budget M978a4 fuel tanker

    X7 – Budget M923 Medium truck

    X8- Budget M923 truck with cover.

    X9- Budget M1080 truck

    VCV07B – Trailer for ATV quad bike. Empty version.

    We will start adding more Eskise products up this month (buildings, barricades, battlefield scenery etc)

  2. We have just added free shipping for orders over 300g in the UK and 500g everywhere else. No idea what that works out as value per order wise until orders start, so the best way to check is to check your basket for the current postage rate.

    This will be an experiment to see if this will pay for itself...if not we go back to full payment :(

  3. The New Release page has had a clear out so only new stuff is now to be seen.

    This months releases :

    WW2: Hungary: HUN10A- Guncrew plus HUNextra and HUN01A get an extra rifleman. More Hungarians to be added soon.

    Post Apoc: DF13-Driven in crash helmet, DF14 Angry Maxes, DF15- Bride

    Western Insurgents/Operators/CIA/Deniable Ops types...lots added SRV25 on...

    Irish UN head swap 

    Soviet Cold War Spetsnaz/VDV SPZ02 and 03. This range was going to be held until it is more fleshed out, due to requests, it is released early.

    Small Arms: Lots of new ones.

    In addition, we have aquired the rights to print and sell all of Eskise Miniatures 3D terrain. From, modern, medieval to sci fi. There are alot of files so please check back as we work our way through them. In the mean time check out some of the models here: