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» Listings for March 2024

  1. The next planned releases will be the US medic WW2 set (as long as the medic is castable).

    More Iranians for the Iran Iraq war :

    Iran 80's
    >x4 Kneeling Riflemen with G3's
    >+1 extra RPG-7 guy.
    >x3 Tank crew halves
    >x4 dismounted tank crew (not too sure on weapons)
    >2 man weapon team (1 with SVD, one with Strela, may have used Stingers but cannot confirm)
    >MMG team (1 prone feeding Ammo with G3, 1 kneeling wit G3 and Ammo boxes, 1 prone Gunner with MG3, 1 Alternate Gunner with FM MAG)

    Hopefully some new V2A dystopian road warriors/villans.

    Two new T2K personalities

    The next VOTE PLA chinese. Which I'll most likely digitise the PLA metals as well as the Vote expansion.

    As always, we are always working on other stuff!

  2. The Modern Russian support weapons are now done, thats RUS21 to 29 ! Also new GUN types added  GUN52 to 54 plus replace GUN38.

    Next VOTE is the PLA chinese army. Before we begin those, the IRAN IRAQ will be expanded though (a private deal).

    As always lots been worked in secret :P

    A couple of new VOTE options have been added and when we get time, we will revisit the existing votes and retire those that have had no interest.