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» Listings for November 2023


    Our prices are reduced for the moment so enjoy it for as long as its possible.

    We are also reducing shipping prices for a few weeks to see how hard it hits our bottom line. (shipping is very expensive now â˜¹

    We have have been number crunching and we are putting a sale on until we run out of our present stocks of metal or the power prices spike again. We are also subsidising our postage due to the unfair prices that are imposed on us all. However, it does mean that the prices will reflect that the more you buy the lower the postage price (we need to not make a loss after all).

    We have no idea how long this price reduction will last which is why we have used the SALE mechanic rather than the fixed price drop. If operating costs stabalise and sales are boosted it will last longer, so take advantage while possible.

    Matt at Elhiem