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» Listings for September 2023

  1. When I add the final releases up on screen, there some how just doesnt look enough compared to the hours it takes to produce them...

    Well, here we are, 2 Vote projects done Yom Kippur and Panzer Lehr phase 3? 4? I loose track. The Yom08 Command set is now up as with the entire range, there are two variants of each figure.

    The LHR sets 08 to 15 are all up in particular LHR15 which I'm proud of. Alot of these figures are scans by Tamas (thanks man) of some of my oldest sculpting, which though charming in its own way, I can do better now, which I then used as templates for ultra updates. Some I deemed too terrible and started from scratch.

    A few sets for the M36 WW2 Heer German Army 1939-1942. The range is growing slowly.

    Panzershrek small arm is now available.

    One of the benefits of 3d design work is I can adjust all the above WW2 germans to make pretty much any WW2 german, so I am building a digital catalog of poses and dollies. I hope in the near future to just get entire WW2 ranges done in a week or two rather than months/years. There are still key subjects to model, such as gunners for HE and AP, medics, flamethrowers, Mortars etc...

    There is also a single new BWG08 of a British female in 80's UK gear for the T2K gamers out there and a AT4 Modern French figure based off a photo.

    £D stls will be uploaded soon. They can take 48hours to be approved.