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  1. YOM3 4 6 7 now available : Skirmish sets and tank crews. Command set coming next week.

    P53 the missing Fishman, I think I'll call him Douglas. Somehow Douglas escaped the box of masters and escaped for a couple of weeks in the driveway gravel. However, a rogue bird was seen pecking at him and he was rescued. He is now available for all!

    The YOMs will be uplaoaded next week with the command set to Myminifactory.

    Already uploaded RUS13 Modern Russian command set that has been kindly scanned by the GREAT 

    Tamás Lehoczky

    Tamas is canning many of our old sculpts and I'm repairing or improving the figures and then making them available as STL files on MMF.

    He has just scanned a few of the PLA and is now scanning the old PanzerLehr range. The PL I will most likely do a full rework on them to bring them up to standard.

    BIG thanks to Tamas, you are THE MAN!

    NEXT UP:
    VOTE Projects in order:
    10- Panzer Lehr expansion
    11- Planet of the Simians
    12 - SRR
    13 - Modern Russian Support weapons
    Commission Projects which are done as and when and to be confirmed.:
    Cold War US Exansion
    V2A road warrior project
    French expansion (goto check)
    Dutch Knil (alot already done)
    Projects people request alot:
    More Ukraine
    Personal projects:
    Olde worlde Battle star range
    Project scan. Old figures scanned and made 3d