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» Listings for July 2023

  1. Added a few Soviet era vehicles to

    Also add the HESCO fort at a cheaper rate (I don't get the huge fees on my Mini Factory so can sell cheaper)

    If there is anything you want added to the print shop let me know.

    The IDF 1973 continue to get made, slow progress due to many ongoing issues.

    Back in January I ran a POLL on our Facebook page asking you to vote on a vehicle to be made. The Pandur 6x6 won with the VAB 4x4 second. I have now managed to make the Pandur, the VAB should be made soon. I also note the T80 tank has also gained votes and is technically the winner, so I'll give that a go as well.

    The Pandur will be up on the website and Myminifactory soon.