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» Listings for September 2022

  1. Cold War French. Going for a mid 1980's look so F1 Famas everywhere!

    The CWF were a Vote/Fund option paid up in 2020 (shows how slow the process can be) and the origional list was as follows:

    Phase 1 will consist of:  

    5x Patrol Poses

    5x Combat Poses

    4x HQ 

    3x MMG team and MMG

    3x Mortar and crew

    A small selection of new heads and a new FAMAS

    Special Figure: Soldier in soft hat

    Unlocking Phase 2: Vehicle crews and support stuff

    However, I am changing this to a more realistic and useful :

    8 or 10 Riflemen

    A command squad

    Rocket sets (antitank)


    GPMG team

    and NCOs

  2. IS04 ISIS Support weapons, rounds off the IS range for now.

    LAH01 Early Waffen ss NCOs with SMGs added.

    A new painter is bringing our miniatures to life, Francesco Junior Arcieri, his facebook page is

    I noticed the link page is out of date, so I also added the very talented who designed our Fantasy range for us.

    Next project currently in design stage is Cold War French (Vote funded)