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» Listings for April 2022

  1. Hi all,

    First of this months releases:

    RUS17 Gorka Russians with support weapons The next installment in the VOTE. Maybe 2 sets left to come then on to the next VOTE.

    AK12 with holo sight

    We are proud to announce we are working with the band V2A to bring their comic creations to life as a range of miniatures. The first of which is the bad guys Doom, Rancid, Plauge and V1-LE.

    As these fit in with our Wasteland Post Apoc range they have been added here. Also a couple of retro not dead eyepatch tight trousered heros.

    DF29 - Heroes looking for the exit

    DF30 Rancid and Doom

    DF31 V1-LE single casting

    DF32 V1-LE multi part casting

    Df33 Plauge

    For more info on V2A and the graphic novel: