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» Listings for December 2020

  1. Merry Christmas!

    As the festive season is once again upon us, we release our range of WW2 German Mountian troops.

    With Covid still ravaging the planet and Brexit just around the corner the next couple of months will prove to be interesting :P

    Please check our postage cut off dates on the main page, painting orders are getting done slowly (everyone is keeping us busy picking orders) and expect delays with the post as civilisation breaks down as usual :)

    Have a safe and fun break (if you have one, or just have a good enough time if not)!

    At present we are not sure if we will be having our usual Christmas sale as we are struggling to keep up with the level of orders we have. Keep checking back just incase we do have one.

    We hope to have the start of a new range out this month, so keep checking in.