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» Listings for August 2020

  1. Time flys when you are having fun! Even faster when you are trying many new ideas out.


    So, after many months all the new releases (except the flesh golum, as he missed the mold) are now available.

    Too many to list here, so check out the ALL NEW page to find all the releases with pictures. Everything listed on the page is brand new.

    There are more Modern French to come plus maybe a vehicle and the next projects will be started soon (WW2 themed).

    I plan on trying to get the new stuff released as its ready as this was alot to sort out.


    I can only appolagise to those of you who have outstanding painting orders. Due to the increased work load (see below) the painting jobs have had to take a back seat. I have almost finished a pretty big order and will be working my way through the others as I get time. If anyone would like a refund instead, please contact me and I will sort it out. Otherwise, thnak you for your patience.


    Restrictions by UK Gov have lifted quite a lot and I can get to the post office easier now however, what would take 10 mins is now taking 1 hour at times due to queues and other restrictions which limits the number of times we can go. We continue to trade as normal and thank you for your support during these troubled times.


    We have a lot going on at Elhiem. The orders have increased significantly (which is great!) the downside is our workload has also increased and this is casuing delays to posting. We try and get orders out as fast as we can, though the average turn around is a week some orders are taking longer (big orders, orders with lots of tiny parts to pick,  orders with 3D or orders with lots of multiples of the same sets). As always, contact us if there is a problem and we will sort it out if we can.

    As always, thank you for your support.

    Matt and the team.