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» Listings for July 2019

  1.  I lied. Just time for a quick update:

    A new GPK heavy turret with Mk19 grenade launcher added after a request.

    A MATV with GPK heavy turret added after request.

    The DF warriors are now available in their own specific figure sets, so you can buy the miniatures you want or a cheap army builder pack and take pot luck.

    Last ones for July

    Gun41- 75mm Recoiless rifle

    NVA15-17 NVA Sappers

    CWB05-06 British with EM2

    Additional Releases:

    RFVC01-02 VC army deals

    RFNVA01-02 NVA army deals

    ESK07 -13 Printed Barricades 

    Continuing the Vietnam theme we have the following releases:

    NVA06 - RPD 

    NVA07 RPGs

    NVA08 Spotters

    NVA09 HQ

    NVA10 Generic gun crews

    NVA11 HMG gunner

    NVa12 Medic

    NVA13 Mortar gunner

    NVA14 Recoiless gunner

    VCIV03 - Pregnant peasant

    Modern Releases:

    RNA08 Modern Dutch Army with Spupport weapons. The Spike missile is miscast :(

    RNA09 Dutch Casualty

    Cold War:

    BAOR34 British is 'crap hats' relaxing having a brew.