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  1. Elhiem – On the work bench.

    A quick update on the mould a mould that was made this week. Lots and lots of new guns and Post Apoc weapons (a Laser Rifle, slug rifle and pistols, spears etc) a lot of realistic scaled 1/72 female dollies. These have come out very slim and spindly (think Priesser type). We will examine if these are any use at all for the Post Apoc ranges, if not we will use our regular curvier dolls for the female warriors.

    The Mk2 Hungarian weapons have all come out well, so we will look at getting the first batches done asap.

    There were a few bits and bobs for private commissions which also have come out very nice.

    We almost have enough ready for a miniature mould, just working on a few more insurgents and the mould and next releases will go live.

    Meanwhile, end of month accounts need doing and also time to paint.

  2. Elhiem – On the work bench

    Hello everyone,

    After chatting away to a few people I know and telling them what we are working on, it was suggested by one of the guys that I really should make these works public.

    This does come a bit hard for me as I tend to not really be in to self promotion and projects have a habit of getting stopped due to other factors. Not to mention my terrible grammar and spelling (please forgive it/me).

    So anyway, I have decided to try and use this blog and keep everyone updated here:

    24th September, what is on the bench:

    1, We have the Phase 2 of the Post Apoc winning range (see Facebook Page ) which is the first faction of Wastelanders figures. Dollies and weapons (future guns and spears) are made and a mould is waiting on enough bits and bobs to fill it. These will then be cast up and the first greens will be made from them. So not much exciting to see yet, however progress is slowly rolling on. Once these are done we will move on to Phase 3 which will include buggy’s, bikes and Cops. I am also trying to convince Crafty mike to make some movement templates to go with the Post Apoc car games…

    2, The 2nd place winners of the new range ‘WW2 Hungarians’ Is also moving along slowly. Basic dolls I already had (WW2 Germans) and I had previously got weapons cast up. However, it was decided they were too small and a new batch has been designed and printed and look great. These will go in the mould with he APOC bits and then we can start building the first greens. Lists of what is required have been supplied by a couple of kind gents out there as well as vehicle needs. I will work on Phase 1 of the Hungarians with the Post Apoc range.

    3, I also had a few private commissions come on line just as the two range above were voted on. As always, private paid work does come first (bill have to be paid) and as these commissions arrived at the same time they are currently getting worked on. These are Irish Army in the Congo (UN Force) which has about a dozen figures (and I may make an armoured car if I get time). More Cold War West Germans (Command and support) with talk of Canadian HQ as well. Another big commission is in negotiation for Modern Dutch for Afghanistan. There is also another job that involves making a few small arms.

    4, I also have a couple of sculpting jobs which were already started such as Insurgents (lots and lots of new Insurgents) that are fairly generic but, we realised needed expanding. At present, Shemagh guys and T Shirt guys are done, but we also want to add some western support weapons to the mix. This particular project is taking a lot longer than anticipated and is stalling a lot of the others, so its just a  case of getting them done.

    We also have 3 sets of USMC for Fullujah that are almost done M203 grenadiers, M21 NCOs and SAWs. We did want to add a HQ and support pack but, due to work commitments these will probably not get done now.

    We have a few Modern Russians in various stages of completion that we will try and get finished and released as well.

    Last one, the Stryker model is waiting on a few new variations….

    5, Already done, well, some of the insurgents, Armed female Operators. Also a new pack of Modern Chinese armed with Type 81 rifles

    6, Painting, the painting pile never  grows and grows…

    7, Occasional projects that we like to get made just for fun. SciFi, Pulp, horror etc These may include some kind of Halloween  figure this year.

    8, Working on a thematic project which may or may not happen….

  3. Update 10th Sept: IDF08 now released. FCCS02 photo added

    A quick message to tell you lots of new releases now available (see the All New section) including Strykers, USMC, Sci Fi, Gasland modifications parts.

    Last month on Facebook we asked you (well, those on FB anyway) for ideas for our next range. The top 10 requests were then voted on and Gaslands/Mad Max/Post Apoc won, followed by WW2 Hungarians. Both of these projects are underway now with Phase one of the Post Apoc ranges now up. Next on the list are the first of the PA factions in miniatures.