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» Listings for April 2018

  1. New Releases


    DAN06 4x Tempo Vehicle Crew

    DAN07 1x Nimbus Motorbike with Rider (metal Casting)


    HED40: KPot Helmet with Goggles and face covered.


    SF31 Quad Rider in MICH

    SF30 Quad Rider in Fast/Jump etc Helmet with NVG raised

    SF32 Quad Rider with boonie hat

    SF29 Generic SF team in soft hats armed with XM8s

    RUS14 Quad Rider

    MK407 Quad Rider

    Mk408 Kneeling Fireteam

    TAL34 Taliban ZPU AA team

    SRV23 Modern Preppers(5)

    SPC01 Modern USMC in Scalable Plate Carrier armed with M27 IAR rifles


    VC08 Vietcong with Ak47 with soft hats

    SCI FI:

    V01 Visiting Aliens (6)

    Also the Gallery is updated.