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» Listings for July 2017

  1. Modern:
    SWD01- Modern Swedish Army Command elements
    SWD02 – Modern Swedish Army AK5c riflemen

    British in Mk4 Osprey
    MK401 – L85A2
    Mk402- Grenadiers
    Mk403 - SAWs
    Mk404 – NCOs

    COP 07– Secret Service

    RUS13 – NCO and RTO

    RSF02 – Russian SF 2000+ in welding type helemets

    SF28 – MP7s

    Sf27 – Kneeling SF with Carbines

    Panzer Lehr:
    LHR02 – Nco

    M3607- Early German Army Sentrys

    ZLT01 – Germans in Zeltbahn Mg42 set

    HED36 - SF in Mich with beard

    KIT24 - ALICE packs with extra stowed gear (Vietnam)
    KIT25 - Modern German style back packs

    SCI FI
    NUU03 – Heavy Support guns
    NUR03 – Heavy Support guns

    NAM01 – Adv
    NAM02 – Skirmish
    NAM03 – Kneeling
    NAM04 – M60s
    Nam05 Bloopers

    BWG02 - pinups

    Ltd25- woman w dog

    BAOR31 -  Snipers

    WW2 Late War SS

    SSL17 – Gunner

    SSL18 – PAK40 shell handler

    SSL19 – HE shell handler

    SSL20 – PAK gunner set

    SSL21 – Field Gun gunner set

    SSL22 – Mortar gunner set

    SSL23 – G43 rifles


    MRAP01 – Wrecked MRAP