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» Listings for February 2017

  1. Lots of new releases!

    SRV22 - 6x Post Apoc Cavalry (many uses)

    USP02 - Support weapons

    USP03 - NCO

    USP04 - MMG

    SF25 - Special forces with M4 carbines

    SSL08 - Panzershrek Team

    SSl09 - Gunners

    SSL10 - HQ

    SSL11 - Spotters

    SSL12 - MMG

    SSL13 - Sniper

    SSL14 - Mortar

    Lots more on the workbench.

    Sadly, the previous price rise did not cover the increase in costs that we have had to cover for the past 12 months. The new price, should do the job. We realise no one likes prices rises (we don't either), we just have no choice. We hope you understand.

    Wartime Clearance sale also now on, get them while you can, they are not going to be restocked!