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» Listings for June 2016

  1. The following sets are now available to purchase:

    HED01 - Beret heads for cut and swap

    BAOR25 - GPMG patrol

    BAOR26 - GPMG crouching

    BAOR27 - LAW team

    ALC09 - Dragon moving

    ALC10 - M21 sniper


    ALC12 - HQ set

    ALCMIX a budget mix of the ALC sets

    IOT13 Modern US Army Jalevins

    IOT14 Modern US Stinger

    REF18 Modern US Ranger vehicle crew

    Also, you can now purchase, single figures for a small additional fee by selecting the SNG item and then adding a note on your order which figure/s you want (ELHIEM products only).