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» Listings for March 2016

  1. A slight re-organisation of the shop into brands to hopefully make navigation a bit easier (feedback if you think otherwise please).

    New Releases for ELHIEM MINIATURES:


    BGP01 and 02 (British Guards in Parade uniform skirmishing) and LTD22 HM Queen herself to protect.

    ALC08 US Army with DRAGON

    MODERN :

    SYR03 Syrian Army Advancing poses

    RUS12 Modern Russians with RPK and RPG7

    NUU01 and 02 Future Concept US Infantry in battle armour

    NUUR01 and 02 Future Concept Russian Infantry in battle armour

    New Released MODELS: Humvee with TOW

    Now stocking the X Wing Miniatures range of Games and models with our very own custom paint service to make your collection unique.