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» Listings for November 2015

  1. We have a new range of Early Cold War British (ECB) which has post WW2 British Army equipped with SLRs, Sterlings and Bazookas just released.

    Wartime Miniatures has (at last) been updated and new releases added. 

    The Skirmish Sangin Core Rule Miniature sets has now been drawn up and listed, so if you fancy getting a set of the rules and picking a sample force as listed in the Core Rules it is now easy to do! British, French, US Army, USMC, US Rangers, SF teams and Taliban are listed. As time permits, we will do the same for the other books.

    Whats on the workbench? Well, we have a more Cold War sets coming, a mix of NATO and WARPAC, more modern Russians and their Allies and a few other sets....