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» Listings for July 2015

  1. Lots of new releases to tempt you with this hot July!

    Modern Warfare:

    TAL33 - PKM armed Taiban

    REF14 - US Rangers with AT4 rocket launcher

    REF15 - US Rangers with Mk48 prone

    REF16 - US Ranger with .50 cal sniper rifle

    Cold War - Warpac (Soviets)

    CWR20 - This pack has been resculpted and is now correct Russians skirmishing

    CWR22 - Russians skirmishing

    CWR23 - Russians Advancing

    CWR24 - Russians Advancing

    CWR25 - Russian prone PKM team

    Zombies/Urban Survival/Civilians:

    SRV12 - Dispatcher, troubleshooter, operations expert.

    SRV13- Virologist, Local Liaison, Scientist.

    SRV14- Researcher, Quarantine Specialist, Gasmask figure.

    WW2 - Europe- AXIS - German Motorcycle Troops:

    GMT02 - Motorcycle troops armed with MG34 LMGs


     JAN03 - Sword and buckler armed  Mercenari

    Force on Force Battle Pack :

    FOF02 - Page 108 Cold War game