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  1. April 2015 New Releases


    Looks like the Warpac East German Army is preparing for a Spring Offensive!


    A complete new range of DDR NVA is released today allowing you to field a Cold War East German force using our miniatures.


    DDR04 –Riflemen

    DDR05 – Riflemen

    DDR06 – Riflemen

    DDR07- RPK

    DDR08- RPG

    DDR09- NCOs

    DDR10- Gun crews generic

    DDR11- AGi3x40

    DDR12- ASG17 crewman

    DDR13-SPG crewman

    DDR14- Casualty

    DDR15- HQ

    DDR16- Support

    DDR17- PKM prone

    DDR18- Mortar crewman

    DDR19- Vehicle crew

    DDR20- AFV crew

    DDR21- AFV crew bailed.


    Don’t forget the Force on Force DDR NVA pack :




    In other more modern news (yet still remaining very German) after many requests we are releasing a pack of modern Germans with Grenade Launchers fitted to their G36 and also a bonus pack of KSK (German Special Forces) based on photos of the KSK in Afghanistan.


    MG06- Modern Germans with G36 fitted with Grenade Launchers

    KSK02 – German Special Forces in assault vests, soft hats armed with G36.


    VIETNAM: French Indochina


    We continue to expand the 1950’s French in Indochina (and Algeria) range with the following sets:


    FP13 French Spotter team. Its worth adding a couple of RTO from FP01 or FP11 to this set.

    FP14- French .30 cal LMG team

    FP15 – French .50 cal gunner

    FP16 – French recoilless Rifle gunner firing from shoulder.




    A new pack of  National Infantry has been added with a little background.


    FCCN01 – national Infantry with Mk6 Rifles


    We have restocked CWR20 due to its popularity. Please note in the next few months there will be a number of new Cold War Soviets, so don’t panic if this set gets withdrawn