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» Listings for February 2015

  1. IDF

    IDF05 – M16A1 and AKM set
    IDF06 – Galil NCO with firing kneeling
    IDF07 – IDF RPG7 and Galil with grenade Launcher.

    Modern Russian

    RUS06 - Modern Russians Army/SF in Gorka

    Modern Insurgents

    INS14 - 3x Insurgents a shirts and trousers armed with AKM wearing balaclavas. Reworked figures.

    Cold War – West German Police

    WGP03 – Skirmish set B
    WGP04- NCOs
    WGP05 - MG3 gunners

    Limited Release set

    LTD18 – Pulp Hero from P36 reworked with a mauser pistol.

    PULP sets

    P03 Rocketmen. Set reworked , rebased on slimmer bases and a 4th figure added armed with a shot gun.