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» Listings for January 2015

  1. We hope the volume of new releases makes up for the delay.

    Just Released:

    As always, please use the search function on our website to find new releases.

    Cold War NATO:

    PAS18- USMC with M60E3

    PAS19- Casualty


     BAOR19 – Casualty


    NAT06/BW07 - LAW 72

    NAT07/BW08 - UZI NCOs

    NAT08/BW09 - Casualty


    WGP01 -West German Police STOP

    WGP02 -West German Police Skirmish set A

    WGP06- West German Police Panzerfaust


    Cold War WARPAC:

    CWR21 – Russian Casualty


    Modern War Special Forces:

    SF22- Generic SF in helmets with DMRs


    LTD17 – DEVGRU/SEAL/Ranger with Attack dog


    SASR01 – Modern Australian SAS M4 Riflemen

    SASR02 - Modern Australian SAS with SAWs

    SASR03 - Modern Australian SAS DMR


    UKSF01 – SAS in 2003 with L119A1


    Modern War : Modern Russians:

    RUS03– Modern Russian AK74M Riflemen

    RUS04- Modern Russian Specialists

    RUS05- PKM team prone


    Moderns Misc:

    OBJ12- Generic Driver in beret

    OBJ13- US style Tankcrew in BDU/Coveralls


     Vietnam French Indochina:

     FP12- French MAS36 snipers


    WW2 AXIS:

    M36-04 MG34 team walking


    Painted sets of DAN01 and DAN02 added.