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» Listings for November 2014

  1. The following sets are now available (search for the codes using the site search function):

    PLA07 - Modern Chinese Antitank RPG PF89s

    PAS15 - Cold War USA in PASGT M60 Team moving

    PAS16 - 1/2 figure tank crews

    PAS17 - Tank Crews on foot fighting

    SRV11 - Bikers with guns

  2. New Releases:




    SF21- Generic early 2000s SF fire team with helmets.


    AUS06 – Australians support set 2. Carl Gustav, 417 DMR,  Mk48


    Cold War:


    BAOR14 – RUC/MP set 3

    BAOR16 – GPMG vehicle gunner

    BAOR17 - RMP in berets and SLRs

    BAOR18 – 105mm Gun Crew


    US ARMY/USMC in PSGT armour


    PAS02 M16A1

    PAS03 M16A2

    PAS04 M16M203s

    PAS05 SAWs

    PAS06 NCOs with M16A2s

    PAS07 LAW72s

    PAS08 Command

    PAS09 Dragon moving

    PAS10 Dragon firing

    PAS11 Stinger

    PAS12 SMAW

    PAS13 M21 Snipers

    PAS14 M60 SF team

    PAS15 M60 team moving NYA


    Use the search function to quick find the codes :)

  3. PASGT metal castings 2:

    M60 SF team

    Cold War US PSGT 1, USMC with SMAW, Sniper with 1/2 ghili and Dragon gunner no 2

    may do a M60E3 at some point?

    BAOR gun crew



    GPMG gunner



    Early 2000's SF with helmets


    Modern Australian support weapns 1, Carl Gustav, 2, 417 DMR and Mk48