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» Listings for October 2014

  1. Octobers new releases rom Elhiem Figures:



    RUS02 - Modern Russian Army with 1x AK74M 1x AK74UGL and 1x SVD Drugnov




    MCA19 – Modern USMC with M27IARs





    BAOR15 - 5x Vehicle crews.1x driver, 1x RTO, 1x L4A1 (bren) and 2 passengers with L1A1


    CWR20 - 3x Soviet AK74 skirmishing in Khaki uniforms. Note: 2 of these miniatures slightly misformed during moulding so these are on limited release until we can make better versions. These are getting a release as I have had a few requests for them.


     NEW Allies :Danish two new sets of figures of this unique force. DAN01 and DAN02


    Please use the search function to locate sets if you cannot find what you are looking for J