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» Listings for August 2014

  1. One last batch of releases for August:

    Modern War: 

    US Infantry: USMC: MCA18 - USMC Patrol in soft hats (boonies and beanies)

    Special Forces: KSK01 - German SF team with shemaghs and G36 rifles

    China: PLA06 - Red Arrow and crew (Antitank Guided Missile).

    Cold War:

    British Army: BAOR13- More MP/RUC/Armed Police types with G3, Mini14 and M1 Carbine.

    Middle East:

    Israel: IDF04- IDF vehicle crew

  2. Just out (photos should be up soon):


    HIP03 - Cool Dudes of the 1970's, HIP04 - Pesky Kids and their Dog

    Scion Sci Fi:

    FCCA01 - Female Diplomats and Leaders

    Modern US Army:

    IBA14 - 4 US Army MICH with Interceptor armed with M4 SOPMOD (1 M203) standing skirmish poses

    OBJ09 - 1 Generic LAV Vehicle Commander (no legs, to fit in hatch) using radio head set

  3. The following sets have just been released (do a search for the code if you can't find the sets):

    HIP01 70's Teenage Girls

    HIP02 70's Female Spys

    BAOR11 SLR riflemen rushing

    BAOR12 Generic Police with Weapons

    M3603  WW2 German NCO's with MP40s

    PLA05 QBZ riflemen set B

    VC05 Viet Cong with RPGs

    VC06 Viet Cong with RPD Lmgs

    GUN05 Has been replaced with GUN05N a new sculpt of a MG34 on Tripod

    GUN09 Has been replaced with GUN09N a new sculpt of a MG42 on Tripod

    GUN21 AT4 has been improved and is now a single piece casting.

    GUN22 AT5 has been improved and is now a single piece casting.


    We have also set up a new Category in the show are called 'Civilians' which should gather all the various civpop figures in one place as well as their normal areas!