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» Listings for July 2014

    A few people in the US are having problems with invalid address when you try to pay. This is due to PAYPAL not recognising States as their full name. You need to change your state from its full name to its abbreviation. IE: Missouri should be MO
    There is no security issue with this, it seems Paypal have changed their system, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hot out the molds!

    More Foreign Fighter Chechens in the Insurgents range, LMGs, RPGs and a sniper! INS11,12 and 13.

    Back to Iraq 2003-2007 with IBA12 US Army with M4 SOPMODs and an additional set IBA13 SAW figures.

    Last of the TAL range for a while TAL32 Al Qaeda support weapons.

    More civil organisation Survivors in our Zombie range SRV10 includes a pilot, generalist, medic and more! 

    New Ambush Alley Battle Packs EF05 Taliban, EF06 Al Qaeda, EF07 Chechens! All at a discounted rate.