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A.R.C. Shadow Wars


A.R.C.: Shadow Wars is an exciting game based on  modern day interpretations of pulps and science-fiction novels. A tactical tabletop war game fully supported by amazing miniatures, models, templates, and scenery.

Played with two or more players, the options are unlimited as all sides are in conflict against each other on amazing battlefields with each side representing a force of ordinary and extraordinary beings attempting to save all of mankind or possibly insidious and dangerous forces bent on world domination. Though after finding out more about each each faction and their conspiratorial agenda, which one is a good guy and bad guy is often up for debate.


"Imagine the modern world… everything is how you would expect.  People go to school or work, they raise families, buy things at shops, spend time reading or watching TV. Their neighborhoods vary, the peoples backgrounds vary. Crime  rises and falls as people move and shift in the bustle of their existence.

Global and local politics shifts and ebbs with the times. Not much out of place. To just about everyone life is normal. Quiet, and almost pleasant.

Some rare people… those rare people see things as they really are.

People disappear sometimes never to be found, Most die and usually not pleasantly.

Sometimes they disappear choosing not to be found, usually hiding from justice or fear.

Some people who are courageous and strong disappear to protect us all..."

If it were boiled down to a formula:

A.R.C.: Shadow Wars = Conspiracies + Pulps + Secret Wars + Modern Era

You get to help guide the immersive background

We want to hear from you as this game and our range of miniatures are developed. If your hobby is collecting, building, painting, or playing games then your comments could impact future of the game, the miniatures, the factions, and background of what is to come!

Factions Already with Miniatures and growing!

The Omega Agency™

A.R.C. Shadow Wars, Omega AgencyThe last line of defense. A combination of black operations and men in black suits  with a massive black budget and government support, but which government? If there is a conspiracy out there these are the guys behind it or trying to stop it (If it’s true). Military forces with special skills, psychic abilities, and knowledge of the forbidden arts. Think: Well resourced Special Ops Forces and Ninjas meets PsykWar Magycks as a cohesive team. But whose side are they really on?

Corrupted Zombie Infection

A.R.C. Shadow Wars Corrupted Zombie InfectionSeriously. The Zombies are everywhere. Where the hell did they all come from? Some Weapon – Z program? Plague H1-Zulu3? Dark Voodoo ritual? Whats worse is some are fast, some are extremely quiet... all of them are hungry! Bad people are making more of them…Shoot them in the head before they get to you!

M.A.D. Sciences Organization™

A.R.C. Shadow Wars, M.A.D. Sciences OrganizationIf Mad Scientists everywhere pooled their resources and talents and covered their diabolical actions by telling the world they were an organization dedicated to peace this is what you would get. Complete with Cyborg Monsters, Weird racial hybrids like the “Bear Shark”, Giant Spiders, minions, and strange weapons spewing plasma and humming with arcane power.


The Reluctant Heroes

A.R.C.: Shadow Wars Reluctant HeroesThrown together by experiences, circumstances, and abilities these people time and time again stop the worst the can bring together. Psychics, Heroes from Hangar 13, The GumShoe Detective, Ghost hunters, Wizards, and some hero wearing a brown fedora, carrying a bullwhip and a six gun, could all wind up in this group.

 Factions in Development



Did you really think humans were alone? Did you really think aliens after traveling who knows how many light years to our planet in exploration as an advanced race would treat us equally? Right now they are only shaping the battlefield with their recon forces until the real reason they are here is to be revealed. Though some are secretly working against their own kind for reasons unknown. Lock and load and hope you don’t get probed!


Most mutants are poor wretched creatures malformed and largely docile and harmless. The rest are an evolution and are either Helpful, charming, and good, or vile, hateful, and evil. In both cases they are all extremely dangerous and powerful… Often they both accuse the other of being on the wrong side of history.

Demons & Devils

Yep, turns out they are just trying to find a way to open the “gates” between their worlds or become more powerful by sacrificing small towns all at once. They barter in souls and they often have a small contingent of worshipers or other foul creatures from the 666 layers of Hell’s Abyss in their forces such as the lost-men of the dark acropolis, and slithering magykal X‘Thulu… Demons are the old rich and the Devils are the new rich and often are in competition for the same power creating opportunities which comes from harvesting souls.

Vampires of the Old Regime™

Beautiful, intelligent, wise, and possibly crazed from hundreds of years of living in the dark. They have power, wealth, and all that comes with it. They wage their wars in the night, and their forces continue to work in the shadows during the day.The problem is humans keep trying to destroy themselves and that just ruins the food supply. A Gypsy Curse are terrible thing to cause you to become indentured to such a group.

Psyk-Wytch Covens™

Made infamous by the corsairs and pirates of the 16th, 17th and 18th century.  Most of the pirates did know they their loyal servants (though not always by choice). If you gained the evil ire of a Wytch of the Black Spot Coven, Your hands would be marked by a black spot on the palms which could never be removed, and usually signaled death unless you could regain favor. The Wytches often created havoc with their magyiks, fell powers, curses, and maligned influence to gain wealth for their own greed and need for power. ...or were they actually stopping mere mortals from their own destruction?




 Yes, there are dark criminal organizations out there just making sure there are opportunities for cashing in on human misery. You can bet they will be well armed, and ready to watch the world burn.

Secret Societies

What conspiratorial world would be complete without Secret Societies creating or stopping evil plots! Expect several amazing secretive groups each with their own agenda!

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