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Hives are a dangerous alien race of cephalopods with a hard exoskeleton from which their tentacles withdraw or protrude that has recently spread over FTN space including Earth.

Hive seeds were first encountered drifting in space from the galatic core by a deep research vessel 'The Repulsion'. Contact with the Repulsion was soon lost and rescue missions encountered a scene of horror and death. After loosing two rescue crews, the Repulsion was recovered and taken back to the nearest colony 'Evergreen'. Within a month the population of Evergreen was launching away from the hell that was engulfing the planet. Unfortunatly FTN researchers suggest that so many of these craft were infected and the space crafts spread the problem to nearby systems. 

The Hive spread to most of the FTN including earth, almost half the population of the FTN was destroyed before the Hive was erradicated, however there are many dead worlds that are still contanimated and rumoured to be hundreds maybe thousands of dead space craft drifting in FTN space. 

They seem to have an insect like intellegence and seed an area then devour all life, once the food source is exhausted the Hive enters a hibernation sleep.

Advanced Intellegence? There are rumours that the Hive is controlled by an elite that has so far remained out of contact.

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